Monday, June 30, 2008

Huey and Jerry


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Huey and Jerry
Little Chickee Wah Wah
Vin - 1000
Huey "Piano" Smith is one of my favorite artists of all time. Here he is as half of the duo Huey and Jerry on the Vin record label from 1958...

Lightnin' Slim


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Lightnin' Slim
I'm Tired Waiting Baby
Excello - 2203
Here is one of my favorite artists on one of my favorite labels. This is swamp blues perfection, with some typically oddball percussion and a great production sound by J.D. Miller.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

but I digress...


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Danny Boy
Don't Go Pretty Baby
Kent 300 - 1958
Anyway, back to the 45s... Here's one from Danny Boy on the Kent label. This is from '58 and appears to be the first release from Kent records. Some nice Jerry Lee style piano on this one, along with a hiccupy vocal...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Misogyny Mix & Mystery Song Contest! Warning: Offensive Content Alert

Extended Misogyny Mix

MP3 File
As a furtive baby step toward creating an official podcasting blog, I have prepared the above extended mix MP3. This is a compilation of songs from my collection that are all related to misogyny, wife beating and/or murdering one's baby. Note: I am in no way condoning these sentiments. I only put this together because I thought it would make an interesting mix. Oddly, over half of the songs here are from Louisiana and/or New Orleans. Hmmmm, makes you think...
Track List:
1. Smiley Lewis - Jailbird
2. Lonesome Sundown - You Better Learn to Treat Me Better
3. Raymond Lewis - I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt on You
4. Bobby Bland - Cry, Cry, Cry
5. Aaron Neville - Over You
6. Blue Charlie - I'm Gonna Kill That Hen
7. Pat Hare - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby
8. Sugarboy Crawford - Watch Her Whip Her
9. The Crystals - He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss)

Bonus Mystery Song

MP3 File
As a bonus, I submit to you the following mystery song in the same theme. This is a song that I put on a cassette tape many years ago, the title of which I can no longer remember, nor the artist. The first listener to correctly identify song title and artist will win a mystery prize pack (basically whatever stupid crap I have sitting around my desk) Good Luck! (with apologies to Red Kelly for stealing his bit, from Soul Detective)

*Editor's Note* Many of these songs are outrageously offensive. Not for the overly sensitive. Listen at your own risk!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hip Pocket Records


MP3 File
Syndicate of Sound
Little Girl
Hip Pocket Records were a short lived record format introduced by Philco in 1967. These flexi discs were about 3 inches wide and played at 45 RPM. Apparently they only lasted a year or two and never took off commercially. After buying this one recently I can see why. The thing is so small, thin and flimsy I can't get it to work on any record player in the house (I have 3). A little aggravating but still a nice curiousity. The music file provided here is taken from a reissue 45.

*Edit* I tried this again using the coin trick mentioned in Comments. Here is the actual sound file from the hip pocket disc. It works (sort of). See what you think...

MP3 File
p.s. this sounds pretty good if you synch up and play both files simultaneously...



MP3 File
McDonald's $1,000,000 Menu Song
Here's another cardboard record that McDonald's put out as part of a sweepstakes contest in 1988. Sadly, this is not the winning record. Also, this song is very annoying...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cardboard Records: A Part of this Balanced Breakfast (pt. 3)

Here are a few vintage tv commercials featuring ceral box records. Anyone remember these?

And... an excellent book with info on cereal box records and bubblegum music in general can be found Here

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cardboard Records: A Part of this Balanced Breakfast (pt. 2)


MP3 File
The Archies
Boys and Girls
Cardboard Cereal Box Record
This one is a lot more successful in terms of sounding like a real song. The sound quality is also much better. Check this link for a discography of cereal box records: Here

and go Here
for more info on the Archies.
p.s. Warning: Exremely Catchy Tune. Earworm Alert. Download at own risk!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cardboard Records: A Part of this Balanced Breakfast (pt. 1)

The Sugar Bears
You Are the One
Cardboard Cereal Box Record - Song #2

Audio File Deleted

These are fun. Remember those little cardboard records you used to cut from the box of your favorite breakfast cereal? Well, me neither, actually, but here's one from The Sugar Bears. The record indicates that this is song #2 (among 5 that you could collect) and remarkably, it actually rose to #51 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1972. The Sugar Bears are also known for employing Kim Carnes of "Bette Davis Eyes" fame. I found a few of these recently (more to come soon) and I must say that they are in surprisingly great shape for their age. This one is a rather bland but upbeat pop tune that sounds like is was written and performed by a commercial jingle company (probably not far from the truth.) The sound quality is decent, considering the source, although you can here the record slip occasionally. Pretty neat!
p.s. Check out the Internet Museum of Flexi Records in the links list on the right side of the screen for more examples...

p.p.s. Doobee Bear? (ahem)