Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mambo Baby

Jim Brown and the Four Bells
Mambo Baby

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This is an odd little number. It's a 7 inch 78, from Bell records. I've seen some of these Bell 7-inchers before and always thought they were kind of curious. Some of the later ones have color picture sleeves which feature some exceptionally great artwork, however the music is often rather lackluster. This one didn't come with a sleeve (that I know of) but when I played it I was surprised to find this nice, rollicking R&B tune. Very appealling... From 1954. For (much) more info on Bell Records go Here


Funky Old Man said...

Nice oddity! Now I will research 7-inch 78 rpms. I'll bet not many of these were pressed.


Jukeboxmafia said...

No problem...

bob said...

I've got a few of these around the house.
The Artie Shaw & Grammercy Five sides are worth checking out.