Thursday, April 3, 2008

RIP MLK 40 years today

George Perkins & the Silver Stars
Cryin' in the Streets (pts 1&2)
Silver Fox 18 - 1969

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This one is a two parter, but I've spliced them together into one mp3. I first heard this song on a compilation cassette that was released as a companion tape for my favorite book of all time: "Sweet Soul Music" by Peter Guralnik. This is the second copy of this 45 to come through my hands, as the first was lost? stolen? traded/sold? The song was recorded in response to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and is one of the most beautiful and moving songs I've ever heard. The thing that really gets me though is the uplifting message of hope at the end of part 2. You can learn a little more about it (as I just did) by clicking the link Below:
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Alison F. said...

Have you ever seen this?

Too lazy to upload an mp3 for you. But it's an odd and fascinating CD.

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Hey There! No, I haven't seen that. Looks great, though. What's been up with you?