Thursday, April 3, 2008

Margaret's Pick

Archie Bleyer
The Rockin' Ghost
Cadence 1293 - 1956

Audio File Deleted

Okay, now that the lawn is mowed, I have time to get to this. My fiancee Margaret requested this one, as it has been stuck in her head Lately. Archie Bleyer is best remembered as the founder of Cadence records and as the Everly Brothers' producer. He also put out some records of his own, most of which are bland, easy listening stuff. This little gem from 1956 however (from the pen of Steve Allen) is pretty damn great. I'd love to find a clean copy of this as this one is obviously very rough. A preview from this year's 2nd annual Jukeboxmafia Halloween CD.


Red Kelly said...


GREAT record, bro!

That Margaret knows the deal, huh? Glad to see you got the audio figured out and, hey, any time you feel like mowing the lawn you can stop by my place!

Best of luck with the new site, I'll be a regular visitor (consider that a warning...)!

Jukeboxmafia said...

Haha. Thanks Red. Um... I've got plenty of lawn to mow around here thanks, but please come by often!

Anonymous said...

great song and good blog idea. have you heard the Modernaire's version?

it is up over here:

the song is about half way down the list, you can right click and save.

Jukeboxmafia said...

Wow. No, I wasn't aware of that version. Thanks for the link. I collect halloween records too and always enjoy seeing what's out there...

Jason Crow said...

Margaret's got good taste. Definitively a chick of low degree.

Jukeboxmafia said...

Wait, low degree? Is that good?