Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Goodtimers - Twistin' Train

The Goodtimers
Twistin' Train
Epic 9484

MP3 File
An early Don Covay track, still very much in a Hank Ballard mode and one of the most off center labels I've ever seen.


Agent45 said...

Too much twistin', apparently.

ana-b said...

Nice. I've been looking for this one.

Damn that is off center. You're lucky it plays through without hitting the label.

Jukeboxmafia said...

Haha. It is as far off the center as it can be without getting into the grooves.

mike flugennock said...

Wow, judging from that label, it looks like they were having a little Twistin' Party at the pressing plant.