Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work With It - Que Martin

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Que Martin
Work With It
Big Town - 120
A cool little instrumental from someone named Que Martin. Wasn't able to find out much about this record or artist, but I know I've heard it somewhere before. Maybe on WFMU's Fool's Paradise show? (see link at right)


The Hound said...

I used to play this tune all the time on my WFMU show (airchecks at:, however the version I played was by Jesse Pipkin on Noble, vocal by Levoid Harts, it's virtually indistinguishable. Pipkins version credits him as the writer. You can hear it here:
for comparison's sake.
I believe Dell Graham also cut a version which showed up on a Krazy Kat LP in the 80's called Hot Mamas,
I'm not sure of the original label. It was also recorded by the Church Keys for Norton in the 90's.
best, The Hound

Jukeboxmafia said...

Hey, thanks for the info Hound! I really appreciate it!