Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here Comes Fatty Clause


MP3 File
Rudolph & the Gang
Here Comes Santa Clause
Yuletide 7233
I first heard this song on the John Waters Christmas compilation CD a few years back and immediately identified with its anti holidy sentiment. This is a classic anthem for anyone who feels less than festive around this time a year. About a year ago, a very clean copy of this 45 came into my hands for a very reasonable price. Enjoy...
p.s. this track contains profanity, so skip it if you're easily offended.


Anonymous said...

The best Christmas song ever!
Thanks a million

Jukeboxmafia said...

Thank YOU!

bob said...

After downloading this, I felt strangely compelled to burn copies for a bunch of my co-workers.
I can hear them laughing from here!

Anonymous said...

Absolute God foraken burning crap which SMELLS worse than a dockers sweaty armpit