Monday, November 24, 2008

Theme for Psychotics?


MP3 File
Positively Thirteen O'Clock
Thirteen O'Clock Theme For Psychotics
HBR - 500
Here's a nice garage instrumental from Texas band Positively Thirteen O'clock. This is the flip side of their cover of The Count Five's Psychotic Reaction.

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Timmy said...

Holy shit! Where'd you get this? The main man behind this band is a guy named Jimmy rabbitt. He is a D.J. & was one when he fronted this group, out of Texas. He had several bands, & his actual name is: Eddy Payne (note the writer credit). He is still on the radio, check his site at: www.Jimmyrabbitt.Com
PS ~ Wanna sell me this 45 or trade for it? Let me know at: TICDS@SBCGlobal.Net