Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anybody Remember the Jingle Jump?


MP3 File
Danny Peil and the Apollos
Jingle Jump
Raynard - 602
As far as I can figure out, this 45 and the accompanying picture sleeve were a promo tie in for the rather lame 60's toy the Jingle Jump. For a bit of cross promotional children's advertising this song is surprisingly good! Anyone remember this one? (the toy or the record?)


Devil Dick said...

it's brutal!

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN!! I had one of these as a kid and could never master the Jingle Jump but I still own the 45! I loved that tune!!
"Let's jump....That's all ya gotta do..."LOL!!!
Thanks for bringing back a great memory! I can't believe you OWN one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the song to my attention. I, too, still have my Jingle Jump....now I can jump to the music. Thanks for bringing back memories.

Jukeboxmafia said...

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it...

Liz said...

I loved my jingle jump! It's one of the few toys I remember so well. I spent so many hours on the backyard patio playing with it. Wish I still had one now, maybe I'd lose a few pounds. I don't remember the song at all, though.

skyhag said...

I wanted a JINGLE Jump in the worst of ways when i was in 4th grade in 1965...well my no nonsense Mom wouldn't cave to my wish and the only way I got to play with one was from other kids in my class...so jump 40 years to the future and now I own one from an ebay bid...I can't even believe what I paid for that thing...the seller had an entire case of them from her Grandma's attic...(talk about making a mint on a 1.00 toy and WOW WHA A WORKOUT.. I played with it for about a nanosecond and now it's in my curio cabinet of days gone by!!I don't even remember this but I loved the Jingle Jump

Amy J said...

I was a big time Jingle Jumper in third grade when it came out. I remember bringing it in for Show and Tell and jumpin' the whole song for my probably very bored classmates. I didn't care- I KNEW this thing was super fun and the song totally catchy.

Nice pics!

JimH said...

Danny was my cousin but I never heard any of his recordings till now.Thanks for the blast from the past.JimH

Remembering Dawn said...

I had gotten good marks on my report card in the middle of fifth grade so my mother took me to a toy store near the house where I lived at the time; I got a new Jingle Jump. Really, really neat but took some time getting the name of the game. A lot of my friends had them too; we'd meet at one another's houses to have our workouts. Really kept me in shape. The footsie toy was really neat, too; that came out later.