Monday, June 2, 2008

Cardboard Records: A Part of this Balanced Breakfast (pt. 2)


MP3 File
The Archies
Boys and Girls
Cardboard Cereal Box Record
This one is a lot more successful in terms of sounding like a real song. The sound quality is also much better. Check this link for a discography of cereal box records: Here

and go Here
for more info on the Archies.
p.s. Warning: Exremely Catchy Tune. Earworm Alert. Download at own risk!


Richard said...

Link good. Not sure what the heck HR Puffin' Stuff is about. Is this about smokin dope or ?

But the flexi-discs I remember were printed directly on the back of the cereal boxes in the 1950s.

Jukeboxmafia said...

Is it about smoking dope? Um, yeah...